Eigen Technologies is a research-led artificial intelligence company. We power our clients’ ability to make data-driven decisions by distilling and understanding their data —both words and numbers— at scale.

Our products are flexible, lightweight, and strikingly accurate. We apply them to both qualitative and quantitative data assets across multiple sectors, including legal, finance, and professional services.


Our products allow our clients to understand and use their data at scale. Through these products, we make qualitative data—words in a document—as easy to distill, analyze, and manipulate as numbers in a spreadsheet.


Eigen’s NLP technology can process complex financial and legal documents at strikingly high accuracy rates. Our NLP product processes legal documents, financial statements, and high-volume text files for multiple use cases, including large-scale due diligence and regulatory processes.

Our cognitive computing platform sits on top of our NLP platform and derives insights from raw qualitative data. Our science and engineering teams are currently developing new technologies and products to address a range of use cases, including fuzzy matching and large-scale semantic analysis.


Eigen Technologies is a young company with a rapidly expanding client base that includes some of the most respected names in finance, law, and professional services. We are a diverse team that has come together from across a wide range of backgrounds, both academic and geographic. We believe this diversity makes us a stronger and more creative business.

We are actively growing our team in both London and New York to better serve our clients. When recruiting, we seek out highly-skilled people who will complement and enrich our unique culture. Our people combine entrepreneurial commercial acumen with intellectual rigor, a can-do attitude, and a team ethic.

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Eigen is a research-led artificial intelligence and data science SaaS company located in London and New York. We provide solutions in data automation, analysis, and intelligence for businesses by utilizing the latest advances in mathematics. Since our foundation in October 2014, we have grown our client base to include some of the most respected names in finance, law, and professional services. As a research-led business, we are continuing to develop our technologies for applications across a range of sectors.

Our unique culture combines commercial acumen with academic rigor and is underpinned by a diverse team from four continents and a wide range of backgrounds.

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Thomas Cahn

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36 King Street
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131 Varick Street
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