There is a better way

Processing and analyzing documents manually is expensive and inefficient and should be obsolete. Automate and accelerate processes using Document AI.

Instantly and accurately extract information and answers from documents with Eigen's Document AI platform.

We've developed natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques that enable clients to get value from their documents faster.

APIs deliver data to downstream systems in real-time, saving your organization time and money that can be spent on higher-value work.

better way

How Eigen works

Upload documents in the web-app for data processing or receive automatically via API

Label relevant data fields in a sample of documents to 'teach' Eigen what you need

Manually review results and address any low-confidence answers

Export results or automatically send the data to other systems via APIs

Use cases

Clients use our Document AI technology to solve a wide range of data challenges helping them to manage risk, scale operations, drive down costs, automate processes and comply with regulatory requirements. Example use cases include.

Product_Use_Case_iconLIBOR TRANSITION
Identify linked instruments and their fall-back and transition processes across a myriad of diverse contracts to mitigate your prudential risks.
Quickly identify key facts about CLO tranches that enable you to build risk and return profiles without reading 400+ pages yourself.
Product_Use_Case_iconSOLVENCY II
Systematically verify that assets meet the portfolio-level criteria to qualify for Solvency II with minimal expert involvement.
Product_Use_Case_iconQFC RECORD KEEPING
Comply with your market's QFC record keeping requirements, including questions about cross-defaults and specified entities.
Automatically verify terms to speed up negotiations and ensure finalized drafts reflect the individual terms prior to signing.
Product_Use_Case_iconCREDIT AGREEMENTS
Analyze and reconcile your back book of data across multiple systems to create a single source of truth for the entire loan lifecycle.

How we're different

We combine cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use interface with gold-standard security, real-life market expertise and excellent customer service and support.



  • We deliver market-leading accuracy rates (typically up to and above 90%)
  • Usually 10-30% more accurate when compared to other platforms
  • Our platform includes a manual review function for low confidence answers


  • The Eigen platform is capable of handling a wide variety of documents
  • It can be trained using very few documents; 2-50 vs 100s to 10,000s required by other platforms


  • Only the client's data is used to train their models, and this is never shared with others
  • Eigen can be deployed on cloud or on premise, so clients can stay in full control of their data


  • We put the power of machine learning in your own hands with easy-to-use UI
  • Models can be trained quickly by non-technical users
  • The client retains full control of models and know-how


  • Open-ended integration with a full suite of APIs available
  • Easily scalable to process new document types/business needs
  • We have a long track record of integrating across many system types


  • We have FS expertise with a highly qualified team who understand challenges
  • We have in-depth knowledge of regulation and compliance
  • Proven experience of custom designed training methodologies

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Our Science

Our product uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to pull the precise pieces of text you need out of your document sets.

Our science team, who hold PhDs in physics, mathematics, and information theory are exclusively dedicated to improving our algorithms by adapting the latest research from academia.