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Eigen Integration Pipeline: Enabling technical teams to integrate and orchestrate intelligent document processing into business workflows

By Simone Ashby Product Manager at Eigen Technologies

To fully harness the power of automation your intelligent document processing solution needs to integrate with your downstream and upstream systems, to enable end-to-end document and data processing. This ensures that up-to-date business-critical information from documents is available within the software, tools and databases that the people within your organization use on a daily basis. Data powers these systems and it crucially powers the actions taken and decisions made by these systems and the users of them.

Our customers and partners often have relatively complex system integrations to set up and manage to enable multiple business processes to be automated. In-house technology teams don’t always have the infrastructure or tools to handle these integrations and don't want to relinquish control over these critical processes to a third party. To overcome this challenge, we’ve developed the Eigen Integration Pipeline to help these customers achieve their automation goals.

What is the Eigen Integration Pipeline?

The Eigen Integration Pipeline (EIP) is a powerful integration, orchestration and document workflow automation tool designed for use by technical users. When used in conjunction with the Eigen platform, EIP enables our customers and partners to achieve intelligent business process automation that they can easily control and manage themselves.

Our suite of APIs and plugins enable simple integrations where the data extracted by the Eigen platform needs to be delivered into systems within the organization’s technology stack. But for more complex integrations where you want to automate the pre- and post-processing stages, batch process documents or need to apply business rules and logic, you need additional capabilities to deliver this. IT infrastructure and/or orchestration tools can deliver these capabilities and handle these tasks but not every Eigen customer has these in place. The Eigen Integration Pipeline provides tech teams with the tools required to deliver end-to-end document and data management workflow automation.

Figure 1: Eigen Integration Pipeline User Interface

What does the Eigen Integration Pipeline enable?

For those complex integrations where your systems need to ‘talk’ and ‘cooperate’ with one another - as opposed to simply pulling documents from location A and pushing data to location B - EIP enables an IT team to coordinate and manage those efforts effectively. Using EIP, a technical user can automate the steps required to download a new document (or a batch of new documents) from an email or document management system and upload them into the Eigen platform so the required data can be extracted. It can also be used to automate the process of getting the extracted data from Eigen into the right locations within multiple business tools and IT systems such as your contract lifecycle management (CLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting/finance systems or data visualization and analytics tools.

Figure 2: Example Document Repository Integration Architecture

In addition to developing integrations and automations, EIP also enables technology teams to easily maintain and then subsequently audit them from within one tool. The tech team can also use it to build scripts for their business users to run so they can deliver and distribute the data they extract into downstream systems for the benefit of other users. This drives productivity and operational efficiency gains for both technical and business users. The tech team benefits from a tool that streamlines the process of setting up, maintaining and auditing automations that ultimately benefit the enterprise as a whole from a time and cost savings perspective.

What can EIP actually do?

EIP in conjunction with the Eigen platform can be applied to any process where you want to eliminate operational bottlenecks, improve productivity and create efficiencies surrounding the handling and processing of documents and the data contained within them. There are three key areas that Eigen clients and partners will be able to use EIP: system integrations, batch processing and insight workflows as summarized in the table below.

Table 1: Key areas that the Eigen Integration Pipeline is used for today

The Eigen Integration pipeline is a powerful tool designed to handle complex activities, workflows and integrations that enable our customers and partners to deliver enterprise-wide end-to-end intelligent process automation. We are very excited to see the tangible results our customers and partners achieve through the combined use of EIP and the Eigen platform.

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