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Event Write-Up: Insurtech Insights USA, New York, May 2022

In May, we sponsored and attended Insurtech Insights Americas, hosted by Insurtech Insights, at the Javits Center in New York. With artificial intelligence and other technologies rising to prominence in the insurance industry, the event gave attendees the opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends, build stronger networks and expand their knowledge to solve modern-day challenges.

Insurtech Insights USA brought together brokers, carriers, consultants, and solutions providers from over 400 global enterprises. In the spotlight was disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, blockchain and data analytics, and how they can be harnessed by insurance firms to facilitate growth and maximize business agility.

Given the scale of the event, we set out three key aims ahead of bringing Eigen to Insurtech Insights: catch-up with existing clients and partners, demonstrate the value that automation brings to underwriting and learn more about how we can support the insurance industry.

At our booth, our team (consisting of Ro, Jenay, Tim, Greg, Kyle, Jacob, Louise and Dean) greeted visitors and hosted meetings to show how our intelligent automation platform is being used for insurance-specific use cases to maximize productivity, reduce costs, better manage risks and improve customer satisfaction.

Our co-founder and CEO, Lewis Z. Liu, took to the Blue Stage on day two alongside speakers from Thinktum and Beam Dental on the ‘The Potential of Automated Underwriting’ panel, discussing how leveraging AI technology can lead to better outcomes in the underwriting process. During the discussion, Lewis highlighted the inefficiencies associated with manual underwriting processes, pointing out the resources wasted from conventional, unassisted practices. Lewis went on to explain how underwriters can use the Eigen platform to extract the important data they need immediately, enabling them to make faster, better risk and pricing decisions.

In summary, Insurtech Insights gave us the opportunity to expand our network, meet key figures in the Insurance industry, and discuss the benefits of intelligent document processing technology. Crucially, Eigen was able to reinforce the need for automation in the underwriting process to improve workflows and yield more consistent decisions, leading to better outcomes and customer service. Learn more about using Eigen for insurance and download our white paper to discover how to improve outcomes along the insurance policy life cycle by using our technology.