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Global Review Hub: Bridging the gap between automation and human input in document and data processing

By Nat Bialek – Senior Product Manager

Anyone with experience in executing a digital transformation strategy is familiar with the challenges of fully autonomous processing, as human input is essential for achieving the best results in highly variable contexts. In this blog, we will outline why there is a need to adopt a balanced approach to data processing and how we have created features that combine to provide our customers with what we're calling a Global Review Hub, that enables the intersection of automation and human input to maximize accuracy and performance.

Achieving Automation Goals at Acme Inc.

To show how we are solving a critical business requirement for our users, let’s set the scene by introducing you to Rachel Porter, the Head of Innovation at Acme Inc. While Rachel and Acme are fictitious, they are a fair representation of our customers and the solutions they need. Rachel’s innovation team has been tasked with sourcing hyperautomation services to automate various aspects within the business. Given that Acme is a large company, the innovation team must consider the existing systems that they're connecting with, the new tools or processes they're introducing, how the data will flow between them, and how they limit the cost of such a digital transformation so that Acme Inc. achieves a good return on investment on the initiative.

Rachel and her team will use AI, machine learning and various intelligent process automation (IPA) systems, and low-code or no-code solutions to empower business users and consider how to merge all the processes together with integrations. As with any large organization, Acme has lots of data locked in silos, and while there is value to be found in data on its own, it would typically require manual input to retrieve, rekey and analyze. Ideally, the innovation team would prefer the amount of human effort in this task to be kept at a minimum to save on time and costs and allow the team at Acme Inc. to focus on high-value tasks.

The limitations of fully manual or fully automated processing

Skilled users with subject matter expertise have historically reviewed documents and data manually when needed, however such review methods are slow, error-prone and a costly way to achieving value.

Initially, you may think the solution to this is to replace humans with fully automated processes instead. In an ideal world, a machine would be capable of achieving 100% data accuracy and a person would never have to be involved in any step of the process. However, this is an unrealistic goal because of all the exceptions and variations that need to be catered to, some of which could never be solved for perfectly without human input. As a result, such implementation can be either prohibitively expensive, rigid, or sometimes both.

A better approach: Human-in-the-Loop with Global Review Hub

This is where adopting a Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) approach becomes useful – by adding human expertise at a critical point in the process, we can maximize performance and accuracy of the system. While the machine does the heavy lifting, users can choose how much of the output they want to review in line with their business goals.

With Global Review Hub, we are providing the facilities for users to manually review and remediate results to gain insights and further improve data accuracy as required. As a result, users can access data up to 50 times faster by automating data extraction, while the flexibility of Global Review Hub unlocks the potential for diverse use cases across Acme and more opportunities to maximize ROI.

Figure 1: Audit logs within the Review Hub give enhanced visibility and assurance over remediation activities

Global Review Hub is our second iteration on HITL capability, allowing users to work across multiple projects, with highly customizable views controlled by filters and permissions. Users can also review all relevant data points in their documents in a streamlined document editor, while team managers can assign workloads and access review reports to help inform their operations. Global Review Hub allows teams to improve data integrity and reduce compliance risks, whilst being easy and seamless to use.

One of the most important aspects of Global Review Hub is its flexibility, with the features designed as a companion to teams of all sizes and with varying requirements. When we think of flexibility, we generally consider four key questions teams must ask themselves:

  1. How much data to review to achieve our business goals? (flexibility for operational efficiency)
  2. What workflow needs to be followed? (catering to variety of workflows)
  3. How should we split the workload between the team members? (flexible work sharing)
  4. How best to communicate as a team whilst reviewing data? (efficient team collaboration tools).
Figure 2: Filter options within the Review Hub enable streamlined management

With Global Review Hub, we are putting the user in the driving seat by providing them with flexible tools and workflows, so that they can decide how much of the data they want to review and how to do this in the most efficient way that works for their team. Global Review Hub is an integral part of Eigen and offers risk mitigation for highly regulated environments and flexibility to handle varying business requirements. Our customers can now achieve unparalleled results, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

To see the Global Review Hub capabilities in action, please request a platform demo.