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Thank you to NJ LEEP students for sharing all their great website ideas

By Stephanie Lightman, CMO at Eigen Technologies

During the redesign phase of our new website, we had the privilege to host students from NJ LEEP - a college access program that serves students and families in the greater Newark area - and draw upon their inspiration for the site. After meeting virtually and sharing our goals and plans for Eigen’s digital presence, we broke out into smaller groups and worked on different aspects of the project, gathering the students’ input on the user experience, messaging, public relations, hiring, and demand generation.

Coming back as one big group, each team shared their ideas and learnings. For the Eigen team, it was helpful to look at things with a new and fresh perspective. The NJ LEEP students helped us highlight the strengths of Eigen and encouraged new ways of thinking as we went about creating our new website.

The Content group created a marketing message to reach data scientists and developers:

“Eigen is a solution-providing platform that helps developers use AI and coding to provide the best data processing experience. This includes summarizing, authorization, and decision making.”

The Design and User Experience team encouraged us to create more “how it works” experiences so website visitors can understand the power of Eigen and learn more about the technology.

And we also got a graphic idea encouraging us to bring the culture of Eigen to life.

To learn more about the ideas the students shared with us, you can watch this video recap.

Thank you to the NJ LEEP students for spending the day with us. Your energy and enthusiasm for Eigen has helped us bring the best parts of our product, people, and brand forward in our new website. Thank you!

Eigen Technologies artwork from NJ Leep student
Artwork provided by Cheryl Crentsil NJ Leep student 2021