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EVENT Digital Transformation Week

[Past Event] Digital Transformation Week North America

Location Virtual

In November we sponsored and spoke at Digital Transformation Week. The event explored critical technologies and approaches needed to make more informed business decisions, improve operational efficiency and drive your organization’s digital culture.

Our co-founder and CEO, Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, spoke on ‘Enabling your organization’s digital transformation journey’ alongside experts from Red Hat, Haltian, Kroger and IDC.

The panel covered:

  • Building a cohesive business strategy for digital transformation – Who are the key stake holders involved and do you need dedicated C-Level representation and department, or is this every employees responsibility?
  • Defining strategies for working with multiple stakeholders and combatting internal resistance to change – How might this differ depending upon business size, industry and culture?
  • How can value and ROI for digital investment be quantified? And what specific KPIs can you put in place when working across many lines of business, teams and projects?