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EVENT II Festival

[Past Event] Insurance Innovators Festival

Location Virtual

In October we sponsored and spoke at Insurance Innovators Festival 2021 which brought together industry experts to challenge the traditional world of insurance.

Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, our SVP of Product, joined ‘The Bionic Underwriter: Capitalising on new tech and models’ panel alongside experts from Brit Insurance and AXA.

Questions answered among the panel include:

  • Data-driven underwriting: how can far the personalisation of pricing go?
  • What technology changes are required for underwriters to leverage new and alternative data sources?
  • How is automation and machine learning supercharging existing human expertise?
  • From spotting new patterns to underwriting at speed: where are biggest efficiencies from automation?
  • Re-evaluating the risk portfolio: how can AI help?
  • The shift from risk mitigation to risk prevention: what does this mean for the role of underwriters?
  • The role of the human underwriter: how is this set to evolve?

Simone's panel, alongside all of the content from the festival can be viewed on-demand on the event platform - for free!

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