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A Guide to Large Language Models

A Guide to Large Language Models: How Intelligent Document Processing Can Leverage the Likes of GPT

About this Guide

Published: April 2023

It has been impossible to avoid the hype and talk about ChatGPT, with new articles and stories breaking every day since it launched in November 2022. So, we thought it was important to delve into the topic of large language models - the type used to power the latest wave of generative AI solutions like ChatGPT – so we can explain their relevancy and application within our specialist field of intelligent document processing.

In this guide, we explore large language models (LLMs for short) and their potential applications within the world of intelligent document processing (IDP), including the stages in the end-to-end process they can support and some specific use cases within financial services, as well as some of the technical challenges and risks currently associated with using them.

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What you'll learn from reading this guide:

  • What are GPT-4, ChatGPT, BERT and Large Language Models?
  • How do Large Language Models Fit into Intelligent Document Processing?
  • Opportunities with Large Language Models/GPT-4 in End-to-End Intelligent Document Processing
  • What Does this Mean for Key Financial Services-Specific Intelligent Document Processing Use Cases
  • The Challenges of Making Large Language Models Work in the Real Intelligent Document Processing World
  • Key Risks Associated with Using Large Language Models Blindly

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