In less than 15 minutes, you can go from unstructured data to making informed decisions.

Turning AI-driven Digital Contract Management into Action

About this webinar:

Brought to you in partnership with Ironclad

Financial services organizations are increasingly recognizing the power of identifying, analyzing and managing critical information in their contracts and the need to leverage the same for compliance, risk management and increasing the efficiency and controls in operations using the contract data.

Eigen and Ironclad have teamed up to offer the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) to automatically ingest new or drafted contracts – including third party – run proprietary clause comparison, perform inline risk scoring and deliver actionable insights to help procurement and legal teams negotiate more efficiently and effectively. With Eigen and Ironclad, organizations accelerate contract cycle time, reduce risk and bring all contracts under compliance.

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What you'll learn from watching this webinar:

Learn how you can marry process, technology and people to generate critical contract intelligence and smart contract negotiations across your portfolio. In addition to:

  • Faster Contract cycle time and inline risk insights
  • Customizable results without the need for technical support
  • Real world use cases of how this combined capability helped solve business problems


  • Paddy Ramanathan Founder & Manager Director of iValley Innovation Center, Host of FinTechTalk
  • Amy Guarino VP, Ecosystem, Ironclad
  • Mahesh Santhanam Principal Product Manager, Eigen Technologies

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