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Managing your credit risk: Leveraged loans analysis

About this webinar:

Has the percentage of cov-lite and cov-loose leveraged loans increased or decreased over the past five years? How prevalent are amend-to-extend clauses? How severely restricted are loan transfers? Based on our analysis of 130 LSTA-style leveraged loan documents and over 200 CLO OMs, the answers may surprise you.

With an increased likelihood of defaults due to the significant market dislocation caused by COVID-19, it’s proving more critical than ever for lenders to perform an in-depth review of their leveraged loans portfolio.

What you'll learn from watching this webinar:

During the webinar, we share the results of our deep-dive into LSTA documents, giving lenders an indication of what to expect within their portfolios. So, if you’re a lender, you can better anticipate problems and start planning recalibration or renegotiation efforts. We also cover how we have gained these insights into our leveraged loans ‘mock portfolio’ using the Eigen intelligent document processing platform.

Note: This webinar was recorded in August 2020.


  • Alexandra Zimenskaya Credit Market Expert at Eigen Technologies
  • Dr Simone Bohnenberger-Rich VP of Product at Eigen Technologies
  • Dr Lewis Z Liu CEO & Co-founder at Eigen Technologies

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