Sirion Acquires AI Pioneer Eigen Technologies to Accelerate Document AI Capabilities.
CMS WEBINAR Optimize your portfolio management with strategic underwriting leveraging AI

Optimize your portfolio management with strategic underwriting leveraging AI

About this webinar:

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Underwriting is the starting point for risk, but not the end point. To keep ahead of the competition, underwriters need to capitalize on artificial intelligence (AI) to level up and become a strategic, data-driven function able to quickly understand, assess and manage the concentration of risk across portfolios and feed into the business to create value and drive revenue-generation.

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What you'll learn from watching this webinar:

Learn how machine learning and AI technologies can increase efficiencies and improve outcomes in the underwriting process. In addition to:

  • Transforming underwriting into a strategic hub of value creation
  • Building a stronger portfolio management capability with technology to maximize revenue-generation opportunities
  • Extract, analyze and action critical insights from your data using AI
  • Removing manual rekeying processes, freeing up more time for strategic tasks and reducing errors and omissions
  • Driving customization to write new business


  • Simone Bohnenberger-Rich SVP Product at Eigen Technologies
  • Guenter Kryszon Executive Underwriting Officer at Markel
  • Claudio Morando Head of Portfolio Analytics and Strategy at Swiss Re
  • Will Roscoe Head of Alternative Portfolio Underwriting at Beazley
  • Marisa Murton (Moderator) Director at Solvlab Analytics

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