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Industry Solutions

How does Eigen help manufacturers?

Multiple factors are creating increasing demands on manufacturers. Access to accurate up-to-date information as well as historical data is imperative for purchasing, procurement, inventory management, finance, customer care and product life-cycle management.

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Gain greater transparency over inventory, customers, risks, costs and suppliers

With the Eigen® platform, you can eliminate manual document processing and gather more accurate and up-to-date data at each stage along the source-to-pay and supply management processes. Giving you greater insights into your vendors, supply risks and controllable costs.

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Delivering results for manufacturers

Key Metrics


Cost savings compared to manual document processing


Faster access to better data compared to manual processing


Increased capacity of administrative and junior staff

Example use cases in manufacturing

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Procurement & supply management

Manufacturers use Eigen® to eliminate manual data and document processing at each stage of the procurement and supply management processes, from sourcing and negotiating to purchase and payment and ongoing vendor management.


Regulatory reporting & compliance

Manufacturers use Eigen® to automate the extraction of information required for regulatory compliance exercises and reporting tasks in an easily explainable, repeatable, scalable and highly efficient way.


Automating document processing & data extraction

Manufacturers use Eigen® to automate the extraction of information from multiple document sets to save time, money and human effort as well as reduce errors across various functional areas and use cases.

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Total Economic Impact of Eigen Technologies

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Law Firms

Eigen helps and partners with law firms and legal service providers to eliminate manual contract review and analysis tasks.

Law Firms


Banks & Capital Markets

The Eigen® platform enables banks and buy-side firms to use data to make better decisions across front, middle and back office teams.


Financial services

Financial Services

The Eigen® platform is used widely in financial services to help firms access and analyze data and automate document processing activities.

Financial Services

Industry solutions insurance


The Eigen® platform is used by insurance firms to digitize data from policies, slips, submissions and other critical documents.




The Eigen® platform enables corporations to extract data and process their documents enabling them to digitally transform their business.