NEW! Solve document and data challenges at each stage of the underwriting process with Underwriter Assistant.

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Use Cases

How does Eigen help insurers throughout the insurance policy life cycle?

Digitize data from policies, slips and other insurance documents to make better-informed decisions, understand market trends, enhance risk management and improve policy admin and claims handling.

Industry use case policy management

Why choose Eigen?

The Eigen® no-code AI platform puts the power of machine learning in the hands of your underwriters, policy administration and portfolio management teams, enabling them to access the information they need to carry out their work more efficiently and effectively and undertake contract wording analysis.

Build custom-made models easily with Eigen® that automate the compilation of comprehensive, timely and better quality data providing revenue generation opportunities, enhanced risk management and underwriting, operational efficiencies plus improved data flow for other processes.

Find out more about Underwriter Assistant: a modular solution to the document challenges and data needs prevalent at each stage of the underwriting process.

Delivering results for our customers

Key metrics

80% Cost savings compared to manual document processing
50X Faster access to better data compared to manual processing

Average data accuracy rate achieved by customers

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How to unlock data to improve outcomes along the insurance policy life cycle

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