Bridge the gap from documents to decisions

Bridge the gap from documents to decisions

To manage your risk, scale operations, and make more informed decisions, you need an in-depth understanding of critical information locked in your documents.

Eigen’s Document AI platform enables you to quickly extract the answers you need, so you can make faster, better decisions.

Any document. Any data. Any user.

Organizations worldwide use the Eigen platform to drive efficiencies, power business-critical decisions and take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging unstructured data locked in documents. Addressing the data needs of operations, finance, legal, risk, compliance and customer-facing teams.

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Why choose Eigen?

Your expertise should be applied to making better, faster decisions - not analyzing pages of documents.

Eigen’s Document AI platform trains on your data and needs only 2-100 documents to get started. You choose whether to start with our question templates or leverage your own expertise to build models.

Eigen provides better accuracy on fewer documents and maintains data privacy and security as a result.

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The Eigen Document AI platform can help you unlock the data in your documents quickly and accurately, enabling you to more effectively manage risk and make better business decisions. Sign up for a tailored demo today and our specialists will show you how natural language processing technology can help you solve some of your most critical business challenges.