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Extract actionable data, eliminate manual processing, enhance your ecosystem, empower your people

With a single platform purpose-built for business users that connects with your existing systems

Here to help you Automate. Connect. Transform.

Use Eigen wherever you need to automate processes, connect systems, and transform ways of working.



Automate the extraction and compilation of data from all your documents. Automate previously inefficient processes and leveraging the power of your data.



Connect multiple systems across your organization and straight-through process data. Connect teams with timely and accurate information.



Transform and optimize document workflows to increase operational efficiencies and improve productivity. Transform the way your teams operate.

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The Eigen platform automates document processing and data gathering activities for a multitude of business processes and use cases across industries.

Loan management

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Insurance & underwriting

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Procurement & supply chain management

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Regulatory compliance

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Document processing automation

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Ecosystem data processing

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Key features and capabilities

Table Extraction

The only no-code solution for the extraction of full or cell-level table data, across a variety of tables, purpose built to enable non-technical users to extract a single data point or entire tables from any document.

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Instant Answers

No time to build a model, or working with a small document volume? With Instant Answers, ask any question in natural language (think: Google search). Eigen will intelligently find and return the answer(s), instantly. No model-building required.

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Global Control Hub

Set target precision scores and work across multiple projects, with customizable views based on filters and permissions. Use the document editor to review relevant data points in a streamlined way, while team managers can assign workloads and access review reports.

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Eigen Integration Pipeline (EIP)

This powerful orchestration document workflow tool enables complex actions, workflows and integrations to drive true end-to-end automation, particularly for clients who don't have or don't want to use a third-party orchestration tool. It also enables batch processing.

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Global Search

Filter and ringfence documents of interest across multiple projects, as well as manipulate data across documents. By giving users immediate access to all their processed information, Global search takes the strain out of locating desired information.

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Delivering measurable benefits


cost savings
compared to manual processing


faster access
to business-critical data


data accuracy
rate on average

Helping you to achieve results like these:


return on investment (ROI)


payback period
(investment breakeven)

Why Choose Eigen

Our platform is purpose-built for business users and turns documents into actionable data and insights, regardless of source.

  • Purpose built for
    business users

  • Unmatched accuracy
    and capability

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Proven and secure

Powering and enhancing your ecosystem

Eigen connects internal document repositories and any downstream system to power the straight-through processing of information. Enabling you to transform workflows and optimize the flow of data to increase operational efficiencies.


What is intelligent document processing (IDP)?

AI-powered intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions automate the extraction of information from documents to save time, money and human effort while reducing errors and increasing data usage. Download our IDP eBook to find out more.

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