Total Economic Impact of Eigen Technologies

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Use Cases

How Eigen can help you with your document and data extraction challenges?

In every organization, there's a wealth of untapped information buried in documents that can give a better understanding of everything from risks and opportunities to customers and suppliers.

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Why choose Eigen?

Whatever your use case or challenge around information extraction and document processing, Eigen can help. Our no-code AI platform puts the power of machine learning in the hands of multiple functional teams so they can make good use of data that was previously time and cost-prohibitive to access and analyze accurately and comprehensively.

Build custom-made models easily with Eigen® that automate the compilation of data from diverse documents, ranging from analyst reports to tax forms and virtually everything in between.

Delivering results for our clients

Key metrics
80% Cost savings compared to manual processing
50X Faster access to better data compared to manual processing
95% Average data accuracy rate achieved by clients

What Eigen enables you to do

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Regulatory reporting & compliance

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to identify all documents impacted by a regulatory or standard change and compile data to meet ongoing reporting requirements.

Risk management

Enhanced risk management

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to analyze every legal contract or service agreement within their system to fully understand risks and opportunities following a market event.

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Operational efficiency gains

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to automate the manual document review steps in their workflows and send up-to-the-minute data to their internal systems and users.

How organizations benefit from using Eigen

With the Eigen® no-code AI platform, business users can easily extract data. And in-house developers can build custom AI solutions.

Automate the compilation of information from diverse document sets and data sources (unstructured to structured) with high degrees of accuracy saving significant time, cost and human effort in the process.

Systematize informational expertise and share specialized knowledge across teams, consolidating to a single source of truth for information from your documents that gives your knowledge workers greater capacity.

Remove manual steps within processes and data workflows and digitally transform ways of working by straight-through processing data into downstream systems resulting in better quality timely data.

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Total Economic Impact of Eigen Technologies

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