Sirion Acquires AI Pioneer Eigen Technologies to Accelerate Document AI Capabilities.
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Industry Solutions

Delivering solutions across multiple industries

Any organization in any sector that processes data and documents can benefit from using the Eigen platform to extract data and automate manual processes.

Industries we serve

Our customers span multiple industries and use the Eigen® platform wherever they need rapid access to data from unstructured through to structured sources or document processing capabilities.


Banking and capital markets

Our first customers were banks and capital markets firms needing a solution to process complex documents to meet regulatory compliance, reporting, risk and loan management needs.

Banking solutions



Our corporate customers span industries and need a flexible solution enabling them to deliver data directly from documents into legacy systems and databases across their business.

Corporate solutions

Financial services

Financial Services

Firms working in financial services need ready access to information siloed across documents and teams that can be organized and distributed using the Eigen® platform.

Financial services solutions



Underwriter Assistant gives insurance and reinsurance firms the ability to digitize data from insurance policies and submission documents.

Insurance Solutions

Legal services

We work with law firms and legal service providers to help them automate slow and costly manual review processes for themselves and their clients.

Legal services

Supply chain shipping containers at a port


We enable manufacturers to eliminate manual document processing and to gather more accurate and up-to-date data at each stage along the source-to-pay and supply management processes.

Manufacturing solutions

Easily deployable for one or several use cases

Access to the right information at the right time is key to successful decision-making. Market conditions, competitive landscapes, regulations and customer needs are constantly changing. Organizations need a way to analyze data quickly to determine the right actions. With the Eigen® platform, business users can easily extract data. And in-house developers can use our SDKs to build custom AI solutions.

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Automate the extraction and compilation of data from all your documents. Automating previously inefficient processes and leveraging the power of your data.

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Connect multiple systems across your organization and straight-through process data at scale. Connecting teams with timely and accurate information.

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Transform and optimize document workflows to increase operational efficiencies and improve productivity. Transforming the way your teams operate.