In less than 15 minutes, you can go from unstructured data to making informed decisions.
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How Eigen helps with urgent legal document reviews for insolvency and restructuring cases

Automate the legal document review process and gather data in under 24hrs to support bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring casework.

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Why choose Eigen?

With the Eigen® no-code AI platform, you can quickly and easily build custom models that automate the compilation of critical information from legal documents such as structured notes and credit agreements for client casework.

Whatever data you need, we can help you speed up the legal document review process from several weeks to under 24 hours. We work with law, advisory and professional services firms handling these types of cases who need to urgently gather data to understand exposure, impacted parties and the facts so they can best advise their end clients on the next steps and restructuring options.

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Delivering results for our customers

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Turnaround time for delivery of critical data


Times faster access than manual document review


Data accuracy rate achieved out-of-the-box

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