Total Economic Impact of Eigen Technologies

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Use cases

Solutions for a multitude of use cases

The flexible nature of the EigenĀ® platform means it can accelerate, automate or eliminate manual review, data retrieval, rekeying and checking processes for multiple use cases.

Example use cases we support

We've helped clients with a wide range of use cases spanning different functional areas and digitization initiatives that require data extraction and document processing capabilities.

Regulatory reporting & compliance

Automate the extraction of pertinent information for multiple ongoing or one-off regulatory compliance exercises and tasks in an explainable, repeatable, scalable and highly efficient way.

Regulatory compliance

End-to-end loan management

Automate the compilation of comprehensive and timely, better quality loan data for revenue generation, enhanced risk management and operational efficiencies throughout the credit life cycle.

Loan management

Underwriting & insurance policy management

Digitize data from policies and submission documents to make better-informed decisions, understand market trends, enhance risk management and improve underwriting, policy and portfolio management.

Insurance uses

Your use case

Eliminate repetitive manual document review, data extraction and processing activities wherever they exist in your organization to reduce the time, cost and human effort involved.

Other uses

Easily deployable across multiple use cases

Access to the right information at the right time is key to successful decision-making. Market conditions, competitive landscapes, regulations and customer needs are constantly changing. Organizations need a way to analyze data quickly to determine the right actions. With the EigenĀ® platform, business users can easily extract data. And in-house developers can use our SDKs to build custom AI solutions.

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Extract and organize data from unstructured to structured sources that was previously cost and time prohibitive to access and analyze in full to extract its total value.

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Connect document repositories and data management systems across your organization and straight-through process data at scale to connect teams with timely information.

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Transform data and optimize workflows to increase operational efficiencies and maximize information usage, thereby digitally transforming your business.