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Join us for our webinar, in partnership with Insurance Insider, on how to approach implementing intelligent automation solutions in underwriting.
Watch this webinar to learn about the benefits of marrying process, technology and people to generate critical contract intelligence and smart contract negotiations across your portfolio.
Watch this webinar to learn about you can overcome the common data hurdles and rethink your approach to data and AI across the insurance value chain.
Watch this webinar to learn how insurers can use AI to improve the underwriting submission, price and quote processes.
Watch this webinar to learn how insurers can use AI technologies to automate processes resulting in reduced operational expenses, drive up revenue and better manage risk.
Watch this webinar to learn how organizations can use AI to future-proof their approach to regulatory compliance exercises.
Watch this webinar to find out how insurers can capitalize on AI to manage the concentration of risk across portfolios, increase efficiencies and drive revenue-generation.
This webinar will help you think in a fresh way about your regulatory compliance exercises and creating a pathway to digital transformation.
Watch this webinar to find out how natural language processing can make your LIBOR transition more efficient by automating aspects of your contract and document reviews.
We explore how NLP technology can speed up your document review process, so that you can identify every position in your investment portfolio impacted by LIBOR transition.
During this webinar, we share the results of our deep-dive into LSTA documents, giving lenders an indication of what to expect within their own portfolios.