In less than 15 minutes, you can go from unstructured data to making informed decisions.
Use Cases

How does Eigen help with procurement and supply management?

Automate document processing and data capture to improve outcomes, productivity and transparency while decreasing costs throughout your procure-to-pay and supplier management processes.

Warehouse supplies in procurement

Why choose Eigen?

Digitally transform and optimize your procurement and supply functions with our intelligent document processing and data extraction solution. With the Eigen® no-code AI platform, you can build custom-made models that automate the compilation of information from tendering documents, supplier agreements, addendums, shipping notes, invoices and more.

You can make faster, better-informed purchasing decisions and maintain greater transparency over your suppliers, costs and obligations. And eliminate manual data and document processing at each stage of your process, from sourcing and negotiating to purchase and payment and ongoing vendor management with our APIs that integrate the data directly into your internal systems.

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Delivering results for our customers

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Cost savings compared to manual processing


Faster access to better data compared to manual processing


Average data accuracy achieved by customers

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