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Intelligent document processing

What is intelligent document processing?

AI-powered intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions automate the extraction of information from documents to save time, money and human effort while reducing errors and increasing data usage.

Why choose Eigen for IDP?

Our flexible AI platform processes unstructured through to structured data sources with high levels of accuracy using small datasets of typically between 2-50 documents. With a full suite of APIs and a software development kit (SDK), you can use Eigen to build custom solutions with security to ISO gold standards.

This means there are almost a limitless number of use cases and workflows involving document classification and processing, information retrieval and data management that the Eigen® IDP platform can eliminate, accelerate and improve.

Structure IDP

Who uses IDP?

Businesses handling large volumes of documents are benefiting from using intelligent document processing. The Eigen® IDP platform is used by organizations to extract and manage data that was previously cost and time prohibitive to access and analyze in full.

It can also be used to connect internal document repositories and data management systems to enable the straight-through processing of data. Or to transform workflows and optimize data flow to increase operational efficiencies and maximize information usage with enterprise search.

Delivering results for our clients

Key metrics

80% Cost savings compared to manual processing
95% Average data accuracy rate achieved by clients
50x Faster access to business critical data

Some reasons to use IDP and Eigen

Regulatory reporting & compliance

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to identify all documents impacted by a regulatory or standard change and compile data to meet ongoing reporting requirements.

Enhanced risk management

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to analyze every legal contract or service agreement within their system to fully understand risks and opportunities following a market event.

Operational efficiency gains

Organizations can use the Eigen® platform to automate the manual document review steps in their workflows and send up-to-the-minute data to their internal systems and users.

What you can do with Eigen® IDP platform

Automate the compilation of information from documents with high degrees of accuracy.

Extract, classify, organize and process data from existing as well as new documents.

Systematize informational expertise and share specialized knowledge across teams.

Remove manual steps within workflows and digitally transform ways of working.

Consolidate to a single source of truth for information from your documents.

Handle multiple different document types and unstructured through to structured data sources.

Enable business users to easily interrogate previously unanalyzed data sources.

Train custom models on low volumes of own documents to achieve better quality data.

Overcome difficult challenges such as object detection and the extraction of data from tables.

Retrieve documents automatically from repositories to remove manual uploading.

Send extracted data directly to internal systems to avoid rekeying and additional processing.

Achieve information security best practice to ISO certification gold standards.

What our clients say

“From the outset, we were impressed by the capabilities of the Eigen platform and its ability to rapidly and accurately extract and compile the data we needed for QFC reporting. We’ve also come to appreciate the professionalism, dedication and expertise of the Eigen team.

Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we are now able to use it for the document analysis steps of our LIBOR transition effort, accelerating the project timescales drastically. We’re exceptionally pleased by the service we’re getting from Eigen.”

Managing Director - Legal Division - Goldman Sachs

“I would recommend Eigen to institutions with similar goals to ourselves, who are looking for easy-to-use technology to help them automate processes involving large numbers of complex documents. We’ve been able to achieve our goals without needing machine learning experience or support from our IT team, which has been great.”

Managing Director and Head of Operations – Global Investment Group

“Eigen offers a strategic capability in the intelligent operations domain, deployed in use cases across retail as well as wholesale banking. We’ll continue to work together on implementing use cases through data and process analysis to accelerate ING’s digital transformation and create tangible value for our customers and employees.”

Chief Innovation Officer - ING Bank

“The ability for our lawyers to train the machine is mission critical… and only Eigen can do that.”

Partner - Leading International Law Firm
Extend ventures logo

“We were looking for a quick and efficient way of extracting information from scanned text documents, and Eigen provided us with a solution that more than delivered. The team was always very helpful and reliable, offering continuous assistance and training to use the online platform, allowing us to end the data extraction process ahead of time. The retrieved data is having an impact in our understanding of how companies that went through venture capital fundraising are performing. In the end, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience.”

Analyst - Extend Ventures

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