Sirion Acquires AI Pioneer Eigen Technologies to Accelerate Document AI Capabilities.
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How does Eigen help banks 
and firms in capital markets?

Market risks, competition and regulations are ever-present threats for banks and buy-side firms. Make the best use of information and insights to get ahead of threats.

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Leverage data across your business more effectively

Banks and capital markets firms use the Eigen® platform to collate and manage comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date data to power decision-making, risk management, compliance and operations. Front, middle and back-office teams all benefit from instant access to better quality data.

Delivering results for banks and capital markets firms

Key Metrics


Capacity increase in back office operations


Improvement in accuracy and quality of data


Volume of documents auto-analyzed by the platform

Example use cases in banks & capital markets


End-to-end loan management

Banks and capital markets firms use Eigen® to build custom-made models that automate the processing of loan documentation and the compilation of comprehensive and up-to-date loan data to drive operational efficiencies, enhanced risk management and opportunity generation. Eigen can automate document and data processes from loan onboarding through to ongoing monitoring and securitization.


Regulatory reporting & compliance

Banks and capital markets firms use Eigen® to automate the extraction of information required for multiple regulatory compliance exercises (for example Dodd-Frank, LIBOR, EMIR, GDPR, Basel IV) and reporting tasks in an explainable, scalable and highly efficient way. This includes a solution specifically designed to process and gather data from ISDA documents.


Document & data processing automation

Banks and capital markets firms use Eigen® to automate the extraction of information from multiple different document sets and populate that data into downstream systems to save time, money and human effort as well as reduce errors across various functional areas.

What our banks and capital markets customers say

“From the outset, we were impressed by the capabilities of the Eigen platform and its ability to rapidly and accurately extract and compile the data we needed for QFC reporting. We’ve also come to appreciate the professionalism, dedication and expertise of the Eigen team.

Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we are now able to use it for the document analysis steps of our LIBOR transition effort, accelerating the project timescales drastically. We’re exceptionally pleased by the service we’re getting from Eigen.”

Managing Director - Legal Division - Goldman Sachs

“Eigen offers a strategic capability in the intelligent operations domain, deployed in use cases across retail as well as wholesale banking. We’ll continue to work together on implementing use cases through data and process analysis to accelerate ING’s digital transformation and create tangible value for our customers and employees.”

Chief Innovation Officer - ING Bank

Banking and capital markets customers & partners

We work with banks and capital markets firms globally including the following companies.

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The Eigen® platform enables corporations to extract data and process their documents enabling them to digitally transform their business.




The Eigen® platform is used by insurance firms to digitize data from policies, slips, submissions and other documents.


Financial services

Financial Services

The Eigen® platform is used widely in financial services to help firms access and analyze data and automate document processing activities.

Financial Services

Law firms

Eigen helps and partners with law firms and legal service providers to eliminate manual contract review and analysis tasks.

Law firms