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How does Eigen help insurance firms?

Data plays a central role in the success of insurers and reinsurers, enabling them to win, retain and serve customers throughout the insurance value chain.

Industry solutions insurance

Digitize data and drive multiple benefits throughout your business

The Eigen® platform provides a gateway to increased revenue, enhanced risk management and improved operational efficiency by unlocking the value of data. It also enables insurance firms (agents, brokers and carriers) to understand and serve their customers better.

Delivering results for insurance firms

Key metrics


Capacity increase in underwriting and new business


Faster access to better data compared to manual processing


Cost savings compared to manual document processing

Example use cases in insurance

Solutions underwriting

Underwriting & insurance policy management

Insurance firms use Eigen® to extract data from slips, policies and submission documents as well as for contract wording analysis to make better-informed decisions, understand market trends, enhance risk management and provide better data for claims handling and downstream processes.

Find out more about Underwriter Assistant: a modular solution to the document challenges and data needs prevalent at each stage of the underwriting process.


Regulatory reporting & compliance

Insurance firms use Eigen® to automate the extraction and organization of information required for one-time regulatory or ongoing compliance exercises and reporting tasks (for example GDPR, Solvency II, COVID-related) in an explainable, scalable and highly efficient way.


Intelligent document processing & data extraction

Insurance firms use Eigen® to automate the extraction of information from multiple different document sets to save time, money and human effort as well as reduce errors across various functional areas and use cases.

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Law Firms

Eigen helps and partners with law firms and legal service providers to eliminate manual contract review and analysis tasks.

Law firms


Banks & Capital Markets

The Eigen® platform enables banks and buy-side firms to use data to make better decisions across front, middle and back office teams.


Financial services

Financial services

The Eigen® platform is used widely in financial services to help firms access and analyze data and automate document processing activities.

Financial services



The Eigen® platform enables corporations to extract data and process their documents enabling them to digitally transform their business.