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Digging Deeper - Eigen, IDP, GPT and all things AI

About this webinar

Due to the interest in our first fireside chat - Eigen, IDP, GPT and all things AI - which we hosted in May, our Co-founder and CEO, Dr Lewis Z. Liu and Director of Communications, Tom Cahn, hosted a follow-up chat diving deeper into the implications and applications of AI.

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What you'll learn from this webinar:

Lewis and Tom sit down for an exciting discussion exploring:

  • What is actually happening? Is there substance behind this AI hype cycle?
  • Beyond the doom-laden headlines, what are the real risks of AI?
  • How do we practically manage the challenges of AI?
  • AI in predictions for the next few years.

PS Missed part one of the conversation? You can catch up here.


  • Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, Co-founder and CEO Eigen Technologies
  • Tom Cahn, Director of Communications Eigen Technologies

Watch on-demand now