Sirion Acquires AI Pioneer Eigen Technologies to Accelerate Document AI Capabilities.

Finastra Europe Corporate Banking Day

Location Prospero House London

In March we attended and spoke at Finastra's Europe Corporate Banking Day.

The event featured educational sessions from leading industry figures on the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing financial institutions.

The agenda focused on:

  • A deep dive into the digitalization and automation of financial services
  • The current landscape of ESG and sustainable finance
  • The impact of AI for the future of finance.

How does Eigen help financial services firms?

Our financial services customers are using the Eigen platform to:

  • Eliminate redundancies by automating the extraction of data from complex financial services documents
  • Improve decision-making, increase operational efficiency and better manage risk

Check out this short demo video of our latest feature, Generative Insights, to see how easy it is with Eigen for any business user to find the right information in complex financial documents quickly.


  • Sam Love, Business Development Lead Eigen Technologies