Sirion Acquires AI Pioneer Eigen Technologies to Accelerate Document AI Capabilities.
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Safe Enterprise AI Webinar Series

Episode One

The next generation of AI technology has the potential to deliver a leap in productivity and solve critical business problems, while delivering a significant reduction in the cost of automation. Organizations that do this safely and securely will benefit most.

From our years of experience deploying Eigen's AI technology at some of the largest and most technically demanding organizations in the world (including Goldman Sachs, ING and Deloitte), we know first hand how to manage the governance and risk challenges to enable the safe use of AI in the enterprise.

If you're interested in keeping up with the always evolving world of AI, we invite you to join our safe enterprise AI webinar series, where Eigen experts will explore topics including, model risk management and governance, cybersecurity, intellectual property and legal risk, and more.

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What you'll learn in this episode:

In our first episode, "Solving Real Business Problems with AI," our Founder and CEO, Dr Lewis Z. Liu, and Chief of Staff, Tom Cahn, discussed:

  • Actual ways AI is being applied to solve real business problems
  • A framework to help you safely leverage your own data and the power of large language models (LLMs)
  • The AI governance and controls you should put in place to protect your organization


  • Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, Co-founder and CEO Eigen Technologies
  • Tom Cahn, Director of Communications Eigen Technologies

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