In less than 15 minutes, you can go from unstructured data to making informed decisions.

For developers

Develop custom AI solutions more easily

Fast-track the development of custom solutions to data extraction and document processing problems and boost the capacity of your data science team.

Integrate the Eigen® no-code AI platform into your tech stack

Put the power of machine learning in the hands of your non-technical business users, enabling them to extract the information they need from unstructured through to structured data sources more efficiently and effectively.

With our platform and flexible, fully documented APIs, you can deliver document processing, object detection and information retrieval solutions across multiple use cases and functional areas. Our SDKs and plugins enable you to integrate with existing systems, automate workflows and optimize data flow.

Helping your team get to actionable data fast

What you can do with the Eigen® platform

Deliver custom-made AI solutions in significantly less time than building from scratch.

Provide an end-to-end solution to the business that enables them to easily interrogate previously unanalyzed data sources.

Productionize your solution with labeling, model training, testing, annotation and auditable remediation workflow based on calibrated confidence and accuracy levels.

Automate the compilation of information from new and existing documents with high degrees of accuracy.

Gather and prepare qualitative data for data science teams to use for predictive analytics efforts.

Remove manual steps within workflows and digitally transform ways of working with enterprise search.

Handle multiple different document types and unstructured through to structured data sources.

Enable business users to easily build and maintain their own machine learning models.

Train custom models on low volumes of own documents to achieve better quality data.

Overcome difficult challenges such as object detection and the extraction of data from tables.

Retrieve and classify documents automatically from repositories to remove manual uploading.

Straight-through process data directly to internal systems to avoid rekeying and additional processing.

Achieve information security best practice to ISO certification gold standards.

Reduce and contain ongoing maintenance overheads.

Reasons to choose Eigen

Delivery of custom-made business tools

In-house development and data science teams can use the Eigen® platform to deliver custom-made business tools that enable users to extract data from their documents using cutting-edge NLP and object detection.

Straight-through data processing

In-house development and data science teams can use the Eigen® platform to power the straight-through processing of information from unstructured through to structured sources into data lakes.

Digital and data transformation

In-house development and data science teams can use the Eigen® platform to accelerate the document processing elements of their digital transformation efforts and decrease time to value.

Delivering results for developers

Key metrics

95% Average reduction in model deployment time
95% Average data accuracy rate achieved by clients
15min Average time required for a business user to train a model
Platfrom developer problem solve

Our solutions

The Eigen® platform is flexible, scalable and easily trainable, meeting clients' needs across industries, regions and functional areas. We provide solutions to banks and capital markets, corporates, financial services, insurance companies and law firms, to name just a few. And in-house developers can build custom AI solutions using the platform.

What our clients say

“From the outset, we were impressed by the capabilities of the Eigen platform and its ability to rapidly and accurately extract and compile the data we needed for QFC reporting. We’ve also come to appreciate the professionalism, dedication and expertise of the Eigen team.

Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we are now able to use it for the document analysis steps of our LIBOR transition effort, accelerating the project timescales drastically. We’re exceptionally pleased by the service we’re getting from Eigen.”

Managing Director - Legal Division - Goldman Sachs

“I would recommend Eigen to institutions with similar goals to ourselves, who are looking for easy-to-use technology to help them automate processes involving large numbers of complex documents. We’ve been able to achieve our goals without needing machine learning experience or support from our IT team, which has been great.”

Managing Director and Head of Operations - Global Investment Group

“The ability for our lawyers to train the machine is mission critical… and only Eigen can do that.”

Partner - Leading International Law Firm

“Eigen offers a strategic capability in the intelligent operations domain, deployed in use cases across retail as well as wholesale banking. We’ll continue to work together on implementing use cases through data and process analysis to accelerate ING’s digital transformation and create tangible value for our customers and employees.”

Chief Innovation Officer - ING Bank

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