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Eigen Technologies Employee Announcement Regarding the Attack on Israel

NEWS Eigen Press Release

To our global partners,

Eigen Technologies is deeply concerned about the rapidly escalating conflict in the Middle East. We are horrified by the appalling attacks in Israel and wish to express our deepest sympathy for those who have been killed, injured, lost loved ones, and all those impacted by this violence. As a community we condemn this hatred and brutality. This is an incredibly difficult time for many, and we offer our unwavering support to our valued partners in the region.

Our founder & CEO Dr Lewis Z. Liu shared the below communication with Eigen employees earlier today.

Dear all,

Like all of you I have been watching in horror the terrible scenes from the Middle East, especially the terrible atrocities committed against civilians. I want to extend our solidarity and support as a company to all of our people who have a personal connection to what is happening in the region. If you need any support at this time, please do reach out to your line manager, HR or any of the leadership team. We are here to help.

I, as I’m sure you all are, am particularly horrified by the terrorist attacks launched by Hamas against Israeli civilians, especially the heinous murder of children. These have no place in our world, as members of our community the management team and I are compelled by our shared sense of humanity to condemn this barbarism in the strongest possible terms. With the situation rapidly deteriorating it is clear that more innocent lives will be lost, both Palestinian and Israeli. We must grieve for the needless destruction of all life, the families devastated and hope for peace.

Beyond those directly affected, I believe that this does impact all of us in some way. Many at Eigen have in their family histories the shared traumas of events such as the Holocaust, the Cambodian killing fields, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and the Armenian genocide. I grieve knowing that there are now more families that will once again have to pass on stories of suffering to their descendants. There was a time when I thought humanity was moving beyond such things.

Eigen was founded on the basis of national and cultural diversity; we simply would not have achieved what we have without it. We have over 30+ different nationalities and we embody the best of a peaceful international system that allows people to move, study, fall in love and build lives globally. That is both my personal story and I know the story of many of you.

That world is now under ever greater threat. When I founded Eigen in 2015, I could not have imagined that in the years ahead we would live through nationalist populism, increased terrorism, the Ukraine War, the undermining of civil rights and a return to attempts to change borders through military force.

All of this makes me more determined than ever that we represent the best of humanity and show that a group of people with varied backgrounds, beliefs, traditions, and identities can come together in shared humanity and build something great. In the context of what’s happening in the world I know that is a small thing. But I hope that at a time of instability it can be a tiny part of correcting what is wrong with our world.