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Tips and Tricks for Successfully and Seamlessly Implementing AI

In the last year, the widespread adoption of AI has become unmistakable, driven by the popularity of technologies like ChatGPT. This surge in interest has generated significant buzz around AI, making it a sought-after solution even for those not fully prepared to embrace it.

However, AI implementations are inherently different. While conventional technologies follow a relatively straightforward process once client requirements are understood, AI implementations are iterative, with ongoing refinement and optimization playing key parts.

In our recent webinar, “Hidden Challenges of Productionizing AI”, our Customer Success team shared valuable insights and tips for navigating AI implementations so that you can successfully leverage the power of AI to solve your business challenges – and avoid the pitfalls.

Phone a Friend: Choose an Ally to Implement AI

The Eigen Customer Success team plays a pivotal role in guiding our clients along their Eigen implementation journey. Made up of three specialized teams — Eigen Professional Services, Eigen Customer Success Management and Eigen Customer Support — they collaborate to support clients at different lifecycle stages.

  1. Eigen’s Professional Services Team: This team, consisting of Technical Project Managers, Legal Product Consultants and Solutions Engineers, ensures Eigen is ready to meet clients' business needs by delivering new use cases or projects.
  2. Eigen’s Customer Success Team: Managing long-term relationships, this team, along with Account Managers, focus on increasing customer satisfaction and maximizing the value clients derive from Eigen’s platform. They also play a crucial role in client onboarding, product education and ongoing support.
  3. Eigen’s Customer Support Team: Dedicated to assisting customers once they are in production, this team addresses queries, resolves issues and provides a great ongoing experience with Eigen. These highly skilled professionals are committed to making each implementation a success.

Articulate Your Challenges and Define Your Goals

As highlighted by our experts in the webinar, the challenges encountered during a client’s implementation journey depend on each client’s maturity level, with different clients facing distinct challenges.

Success is best achieved by focusing on these key pillars:

  • Education: Education is the cornerstone of any successful AI implementation. In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, levelling stakeholders’ understanding, from advanced AI advocates to newcomers, is crucial. Addressing education first ensures all stakeholders are empowered and aligned, setting the stage for long-term success
  • Define Your Business Objectives and Success Criteria: Aligning your AI implementation with business objectives is vital. Defining success criteria early in the process ensures a clear understanding of why AI is being used and the value it brings to the organization. This clarity guides the implementation journey, helping clients stay focused amid the process.
  • Have a Clear Change Management Plan: Change management can be a hurdle given that AI often optimizes established processes. However, stakeholder education, clear success metrics and a focus on transforming potential detractors into advocates are key in mitigating resistance.

Testing and Iterating: The Exciting Middle Stage

As the implementation progresses, clients begin reviewing and analyzing their initial results, and making any necessary adjustments. At this stage, it’s important to remember you’re still on a long-term journey, because AI is a technology that requires ongoing refinement. It is not a one-time, set-it-and-forget-it technology implementation. Deploying models into production should not be viewed as the final milestone. Instead, clients should feel comfortable continuously optimizing their machine learning models even to ensure they align with evolving business needs.

Nurturing AI for Success

We’ve already mentioned that implementing AI isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. So how do you succeed?

  • Nurturing AI to Realize Long-Term Benefits: AI requires nurturing. The investment of time, attention, resources, and patience is crucial for reaping the great benefits AI can deliver. Successful AI implementations revolve around understanding the journey and acknowledging that people are at the heart of the process.
  • Recognizing the Human Aspect of AI: Echoing the sentiment that successful AI implementation is centered around people, it's important to remember the individuals running the technology are the ones who understand the power of AI, collaborate on training models, and iteratively improve them. If you overlook the human aspects of these projects, you may hinder the potential achievements of a successful AI implementation.

By understanding the importance of educating all stakeholders about the power of AI, aligning AI initiatives to your business objectives, and embracing the iterative nature of AI technology, organizations will be best suited to navigate their AI implementation.

To hear additional success stories from real Eigen clients, don’t miss our webinar showcasing how our intelligent automation platform is used across various document types, industries and use cases.

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